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Breeders’ Page

The Pikes Peak German Shepherd Dog Club supports the responsible breeding of the German Shepherd Dog. Responsible breeding of any animal, much less the German Shepherd Dog, includes perpetuating the health and breed standard of the animals, and ensuring proper screening of quality breeding parents, to include structure, temperament, and genetic soundness. A responsible breeder of the German Shepherd Dog has a breeding program consisting of healthy parents matching the AKC standard, and properly socialized to be sound of mind.

Anyone interested in adding a German Shepherd Dog to their family should first be mindful of the standards and traits of the dog, and do their research to determine whether this breed will fit their lifestyle (Read more about the breed standard here). Next, that person should be vigilant of how to identify a responsible breeder of German Shepherd Dogs before blindly purchasing one. This page will help you identify a responsible breeder and find a German Shepherd Dog.

The Pikes Peak German Shepherd Dog Club has members who not only own and love their German Shepherd dogs, but some are reputable breeders.  You can find a German Shepherd puppy or dog of your own by contacting the club’s breeders found below to see when they are having their next litter.

In looking for a German Shepherd Dog, be aware of the breed standard and temperament of the dog to consider how that will fit your lifestyle. Discuss your expectations with the breeders before committing to a dog (any dog, for that matter).  Good communication is key in finding the right breeder.  Ask all the pertinent questions and trust your instincts.  German Shepherd puppies are incredibly adorable and the adult dog is unquestionably loyal and regal; however, as with any purchase of a pet, quality varies. Backyard breeders are a discredit to the breed, since they breed for a love of money, not a love of the German Shepherd Dog.  A backyard breeder or puppy mill will cut corners to save money and couldn’t care less about the quality and health of their parent dogs, which translates to the health of the puppies.  Finding a quality German Shepherd Dog is an investment in health and longevity.  

Below are the breeders who are also members of the Pikes Peak German Shepherd Club. Click on each breeder to learn a little more about them.  Each breeder has contact information and links to their websites and/or social media pages. Breeders are listed in alphabetical order.

Aspen Peak Shepherds, Teller County, CO

Casimir German Shepherds, Elbert County, CO

Longs Peak German Shepherds