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Aspen Peak Shepherds

Owner/breeder: Bryan (Scott) and Catherine Rudy

Location: Teller County, Colorado

Cell phone: (305)333-3186

Email: cmrudy337@gmail.com

Website: aspenpeakshepherds.com

Facebook: Aspen Peak Shepherds

Instagram: Aspen Peak Shepherds

About Aspen Peak Shepherds

Aspen Peak Shepherds is run by Bryan (Scott) and Catherine Rudy of Divide, Colorado, in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. It is dedicated to producing pure-bred, champion line German Shepherds that can pass along the desirable traits found in this loyal, majestic breed.

It is the intention of Aspen Peak Shepherds to promote the German Shepherd Dog as an ever-improving, healthy breed by breeding only high-quality dogs that have passed their health certifications and proven clear of genetic diseases tested through DNA by Wisdom Health, Optimal Selection.

Waiting list: Yes

First come/first serve: We try to match the best puppy to the individual or family.

Deposit: Yes, when you have picked a puppy. A $200 deposit is non-refundable once you have chosen a puppy.

Application: Yes, click here to view our application.

Breeding rights: Not at this time.

Registration included: Limited registration with the AKC once proof of spay or neuter has been shown.

Parent health screening: Yes, DNA done by Optimal Selection, Wisdom Health.

Parent certifications: Yes, OFAs on hips, elbows, eyes, and heart, as well as tested for autoimmune thyroiditis.

Pedigreed parents: Yes, AKC registered

Champion lines: Yes, our parent dogs come from champion lines

Puppy Vaccinations: Yes, Distemper and parvovirus at 6-8 weeks; DHPP (distemper, adenovirus (hepatitis), parainfluenza, and parvovirus) at 10-12 weeks.

Health guarantee: Yes

Vet check before going home: Yes, dewormed before going home.

Microchip: Yes, microchipped in the new pet parent’s name.

Altering (spay/neuter) requirements: We require proof of spay or neuter before the puppy reaches the age of 18 months.  A partial refund ($200 for female spay or $150 for male neuter) will be given upon proof of spay or neuter.  Registration will also be provided upon proof of spay or neuter.

Transportation out of the area: Puppy must be accompanied by a human companion.


Animal Medical Center


Village Center Veterinarian


Litter Expected November 9, 2022